Buy Freight Service Air freight is a safe and efficient fast transportation method. Air cargo generally has a higher weight cost and a strict timetable for control. At ULINK, we hope to be one of your transportation service partners. Our logistics and transportation services basically cover different aspects, including air, sea, and rail transportation. Generally, in the process of air transportation, it will involve the type of goods, air waybill samples, transportation process, the airport designated by the customer, and the price. The main advantage of air transportation is that it greatly shortens the transportation time, which is especially suitable for some fresh foods. Generally speaking, the transit time does not exceed 10 working days. In most cases, it only takes 3 to 5 days. Compared with shipping, this advantage is particularly prominent. Air freight can provide customers with fast delivery time and receive goods in a short time. However, air transportation is only delivery to the airport, and it needs to handle customs clearance and inland transportation to reach the designated warehouse. Air transportation is from airport to airport, and air express is door to door. Our services have absolute advantages, coupled with our excellent customs clearance capabilities, we can effectively and safely transport your goods. Whether you need to transport temperature-controlled goods, regulated goods, or bulky goods, we can meet your different transportation needs.Buy Freight Service website: