HOS5031 Single Tier Dumbbell Rach fitness equipment
Product Introduction
(1)High strength stainless steel square tube 50*100*3mm
(2)Rubber feet cover can improve stability of the machine and reduce the friction with the ground
(3)Two layers powder coating
Product Specification
Product Weight : 87 (KG)
Dimensions : 2290x560x740 (MM)
Color : Customize
Product application
Home and gym;The materials of commercial equipment will be more careful to consider the durability and wear resistance. A good fitness device can withstand several hours of exercise every day by different fitness workers for decades.
We focus on the durability and safety of equipment, and strive for perfection in each link of material selection, installation and testing, just to give users the best products.
Wearable leather surface,high tear strength
The color of the cushion can be customized.
Color options: black/brown/yellow, etc.
Our fitness equipment adopts 3mm steel pipe, which is 0.5mm thicker than all products on the market
External diameter (leather included): 5.8mm
Internal diameter (only steel): 3.5mm
Max load: 1000kgwholesale Racks