LVT Flooring price Marble Look Vinyl Sheet LVT Flooring. Sheet vinyl comes in big roll format mostly used in commercial applications which require properties such as a high resistance to chemicals, scratches & stains, acoustic insulation, anti-slip resistance and low maintenance. Marble, quarried in mountainous regions around the world, has been a very popular building material for millennia. Prized for its beauty, style, and elegance, this material has graced the palaces of kings and queens for centuries, making it an upscale, luxurious option for interiors. So marble texture flooring will make home looking more elegance. LVT flooring is one of the most popular products in the flooring market, and its application in commercial facilities, hospitals, homes and other projects is growing rapidly. It not only occupies the market share of other products in polyethylene flooring, but also occupies the share of products such as hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles and even carpets. One of the advantages of LVT flooring is that its imitation degree is very high. The surface texture and relief effect make it almost difficult to distinguish from the imitation object. In addition, LVT flooring is very different from the traditional plastic floor leather. The shape and size of the board made of LVT flooring meet the popular specifications. LVT flooring also has considerate consideration in installation. Or adopt a certain overlapping structure, or adopt self bonding technology, or directly stick to the floor substrate, and can also be equipped with a special bottom layer to meet various requirements. LVT Flooring price website: